Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My winter break

My vacation was quite busy. See, I wanted to make a gingerbread house house because my aunt had given me a book titled The Gingerbread Architect for my birthday. So I did! On the first day I mixed together the dough from scratch. The second I invited friends over to cut out the dough and bake it. The third day a friend came again to help me build the house. This was the hardest part because the parts kept breaking. They would crack whenever I touched one of them!!! On the fourth more friends came to decorate and attach the roof we weren't able to attach beforehand because of out fear of making the entire building collapse!

After making this gingerbread house, which I finished on the 23rd, I made a Chocolate roulade filled with whipped cream for Christmas eve. It was very successful, even thoses who sually do not enjoy dessert took second helpings! I plan on making it again someday, and when I do I will post the recipe.
While we ate this ethereal roulade, we opened presents, and can you guess what my parents gave me? A Kitchen stand mixer with a 6 quart bowl! It's huge and powerful, something I could testify to after making Panettone in it the next day.
This baby barely fits under the cupboard on the counter.