Saturday, March 15, 2008

Self Rising Flour... should crawl into a corner and DIE!

It is one of my deepest desires that whoever invented self-rising flour regret it until he/she dies. If he/she is already dead, they can regret it FOREVER!!!! Self-Rising Flour is pointless. The only reason I can see for it is saving cookbook writers money. If you have been reading my blog, you know that recently I made biscuits, but I forgot the baking powder because the recipe asked for self-rising flour. Well, this morning, my mom and I made a cake, but we didn't notice the recipe asked for self-rising flour until it was in the oven. TOO BAD! Since the batter also contained beaten egg whites, we decided to let it slide. In any case, I think recipes should stop using this tricksy method and let the cooks omit baking powder if they really want to use self-rising flour.
Just to help y'all out, if you ever come in contact with something that looks freakishly like a recipe with self-rising flour and you don't have any of that horrible stuff, don't forget to add a teaspoon and a half of baking powder and a half teaspoon of salt.


Catherine Granger said...

Coline, I am with you, I HATE self rising flour!!!

claire said...

i've never had it! but ok, i'll stay away from it. thanx!