Friday, October 3, 2008

Poll Results: Pancakes or Waffles

My dear readers,
I am sorry that I didn't give the results for this a month ago. I was just too busy. But, things should be going back to normal now. I am going to try to give you at least one post per week

Anyways, here are the awaited results (because you couldn't at all see them on the blog before):
6 (33%)
11 (61%)
1 (5%)

Votes so far: 18

This is definitely a record turnout: 18!! So waffles are clearly favored by you all, and by me as well. Either way, they both are delicious with real maple syrup (none of that "breakfast syrup" stuff for me), and you are the person who doesn't like waffles or pancakes, you can still enjoy the wonders of maple syrup. It goes wonderfully with plain yogurt (my dad's idea) and oatmeal.

Please vote on my next poll to express your opinions about frozen desserts with just one click of the mouse!


Cel said...

Frozen desserts!

I actually have a bottle of that super-artificial 'breakfast syrup' at home. We used to have maple syrup in this cute little maple-shaped bottle, but I think it crystallised into sugar. Oops.

Julien said...

We totally can make our own waffles in our dining hall at breakfast and brunch. They're so yummy!

Becky xD said...

Dude yeah real maple syrup is so much better. I never liked the fake stuff... but it's like $20 for 32oz now. Craaaazy.