Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poll Results! Do you actually stuff the Turkey?

Yes, I cook the stuffing in the turkey
3 (27%)
No, I heat it separately so the turkey cooks faster
5 (45%)
I don't eat turkey for Thanksgiving
1 (9%)
I don't eat stuffing for thanksgiving
1 (9%)
I don't celebrate Thanksgiving at all
1 (9%)

Votes so far: 11

Soo, Thanksgiving theme returned! As you can tell, most people do NOT stuff the turkey. Well, this year I celebrated Turkey Day with my family and family friends, and we did in fact stuff the turkey with as much stuffing as possible and heated the remaining stuffing separately. The surprising part (to me) was that the stuffing cooked inside the turkey wasn't as good as the one cooked separately because it was all mushy, while last year the stuffing from the turkey was much tastier. I think this is because we made this year's stuffing from soft bread, and it soaked up all the turkey juice and became mushy. Last year the stuffing was based on dry cornbread that benefited from a turkey juice bath.
Because I am not the one who makes the stuffing or cooks the turkey, I can't really give a verdict on which option is better, but I do know is that turkey and stuffing and all the other Thanksgiving foods are delicious.

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