Thursday, April 3, 2008

Poll Results: Favorite chocolate drink!

Plain hot chocolate
5 (45%)
Mexican style (with cinnamon)
1 (9%)
Peppermint hot chocolate
3 (27%)
Cold choco-banana drink (bananas blended w/ milk and chocolate)
2 (18%)

Votes so far: 11

Sooo, Plain hot chocolate won the game! I guess people like the taste of chocolate. I'm surprised, I thought no-one liked chocolate!
Well, I don't have much to say, but Vote on polls! It makes me happy!
I had mucha tarea this week, but today there's less, probably because I accidentallly did the math homework due tomorrow yesterday...
Ok, have a nice day!


Connie said...

I voted for peppermint! Yum, peppermint hot chocolate. I was also the first voter on your new poll! I'm so speciaaaaaal, right?

happy said...

Of course Connie-dear!
You get a lolli for being such a darling child!