Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mango Dofu

I was cleaning out one of the cupboards in the kitchen and I found an old box of Mango Flavored Dofu (gelatin). I decided to make Friday night. So, I poured the bright orange powder into 3 1/2 cups of water and heated it to a boil. While I was waiting, I read the dofu box. Suddenly, the saucepan overflowed with foam! I turned off the heat and Lifted the pan out of the mess. Ick! There was orange foam all over the stovetop. My mom helped me clean it up with a spnge.
Next, I proceeded with the rest of the recipe. I mixed the milk in with the water+gelatin and ladled some of it into teacups with a couple of previously frozen raspberries. I made four small teacup desserts and put the remaining dofu in three large ramekin dishes. That night, my mom, dad, and I ate one teacup each. My brother was at Sadies (really surprising!!!! it was his first dance) so he ate his the next morning.
The dofu was good. It was like sweet mango flavored jello, and the raspberries added a nice tang. The teacups I used had a strawberry print that went well with the dessert inside.