Friday, February 1, 2008

Poll results: Favorite asian food

Chinese won! I'm not very surprised because I have lots of Chinese friends. I personally prefer Thai food, but that's just me. My favorite Thai dish is either pad thai (wide rice noodles in sweet yummy sauce with veggies and either tofu or chicken) or chicken satays with peanut sauce and cucumber salad. I don't know much about Chinese food because I never know when it's 'real' or Americanized. I do like Dim Sum though. I go to this place called Ming's and they serve tasty shrimp dumplings and BBQ pork buns.
Now, the results:
3 (25%)
3 (25%)
0 (0%)
4 (33%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
2 (16%)

Votes: 12

I'm sad that Vietnamese and Indian didn't get any votes because I also like their type of food, but I have never had a Korean meal, so I don't know if I would like it.

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