Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bacon Avocado Sandwich

     Last week, my friend brought an avocado sandwich to school. It looked really good. I wanted one too. So, on Thursday morning, instead of making my usual ham and cheese or pb and j, I decided to make an avocado sandwich. And what better with avocado than bacon? 

     I mashed a few slices of avocado with Cholula hot sauce and lime (to slow oxidation as well as to add flavor)

     I had fried the bacon the night before, and then I just cut it up and placed it on the avocado! The combination of creamy and crunchy/salty was very tasty. As we approach the summer months, this sandwich could be improved with some ripe tomato slices and lettuce into a BLTA! 

     And I appologize for the not very good photos. 7 am is kind of early to be thinking about exposure.

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