Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brownie Mix Comparisons

It was my friend's birthday Sunday, so I decided to bake her brownies. Since brownie mixes are generally successful, I bought a mix before going to Tahoe. The mix was by Ghiradelli and was called "Double Chocolate Brownies." Then in Tahoe my other friend, Olivia, and I decided that we should make brownies for ourselves as well. My brother chose a mix he thought looked "interesting." This mix was by Kodiak Cakes and 100 percent whole grain all natural Big Bear Brownies. We made both, Ghiradelli in the round pan and Kodiak in the square pan.
The Ghiradelli batter looked fudgier, more like average brownie mix batter, while the Kodiak was thicker (I had to ad 1/4c of water more than asked to be able to stir it.)
When the brownies were done, I tried removing them from the pan. Unfortunately, we must not have put enough butter in the pan because they would not come out. I took care of the Big Bear Brownies, and Olivia was responsible for the Ghiradelli. Since the brownies were stuck, I decided to use a spoon and I made a big mound of brownie on a plate. Olivia made lumps on another plate. When the time of truth arrived, it turns out the healthful brownies were almost unanimously preferred, only Olivia's dad liked the Ghiradelli better. "Both are too sweet, but Kodiak is less so," said my mom. Another factor was that the Ghiradelli were undercooked, probably because of the altitude, even though when we took them out of the oven, the Kodiak seemed less cooked.
Since I made these for my friend's birthday in the first place, I guess I just brought her all the leftovers in a tupperware. After having sat 2 days in the refrigerator, the undercookedness of the Ghiradelli was less noticeable, and both were tasty!


Anonymous said...

Yummy =D
Cooking is fun. -nods- XD

Claire said...

those brownies were soooo good.
haha they were all i ate at school on tuesday.