Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What I'm eating: Mustard, Greens?

I see my mother dumping the rice in the rice cooker. She lays the salmon gently in the pan and sticks it in the oven. Then she takes out the wok and I think "ooh, maybe we're having broccoli! (broccoli is my favorite vegetable.)" But my mother takes a big packet out of the freezer and sets it on the counter. It is labeled "Mustard Greens." Now I'm quite accepting with food, but to me, mustard was always yellow, but green mustard apparently exist. (I did some research and mustard greens are, without a surprise, the stem and leaves of various mustard plants. They are also supposedly excellent sources of vitamin A and K.)
Now dinner is ready. I sit down and see this beautiful arrangement of color in front of me. It's my plate. The salmon and rice perfectly shined the greens to brightness. But here comes the real test: I take a forkful and chew. The taste is bitter and strange, but not all that bad. I still don't want to eat more anytime soon, but, if I had the choice between that and eggplant, I definitely vote green.


mysterious reader said...

have you tried the steamed mustard greens with oyster sauce of chinese cuisine? delicious!

Julien said...

Crisp, cute and delightful! Excellent post!