Sunday, January 20, 2008

What I'm eating: Chili Dogs at Squaw Valley Ski Resort

So, my family goes to Tahoe often, and we usually ski/board at Squaw Valley. After skiing or snowboarding (I board), all morning, we need a hearty lunch to keep us going. Hearty is the perfect definition of the meals served at the food court.
Yesterday I chose a chili dog: a hot dog with beef chili poured on top with cheese. It wasn't bad, but the hot dog was too salty. It would have been just as good without the sausage, just chili in a bun. Without the sausage, it would also be smaller and easier to finish.
With the chili dog I had some fries, my secret soda fountain mix, and half an orange. Recently, the food court started using cups made from corn. They look like plastic but are apparently 100 percent biodegradable. My family made jokes about eating the cups, but the drink inside did not taste like corn.
Anyways, the food here at Squaw isn't too bad, just very filling.

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